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Business is like playing chess. Every step matters because it sets the direction for the next ones and it also determines your opponent’s actions. The rook will not replace the king. The unrealized opportunities pass by and the competitors take advantage of your every mistake. Running a business is not an easy thing to do but the winning business games make your appetite for more grow.

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The train to the modernity has already taken off. What is more, it has recently speeded up – the quantum computer was made, artificial intelligence learns faster than ever and the robots do some jobs better, cheaper and faster than a human. In a digital world almost everything has changed so if you want to survive and still develop your business, you need a strategy.


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A strategy for your business!

Hi! My name is Ewa Blonska and I help businesses to find their ways in a digital world. I co-create a long-term strategy of development. I provide entrepreneurs with current and empirically checked information. I follow the global social, economic and cultural trends and the buying decisions of the majority of people that result from it, no matter what longitude and latitude are. I combine a lot of different specializations, I show how to look to see and how to take advantage of it for business development.



A strategy for your business!

  • LinkedIn - Ewa Błońska
  • Facebook - Ewa Błońska
  • Twitter - Ewa Błońska

If you want to cooperate with me, you have any questions or problem to solve, write me or call me.

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Phone: +48 608 603 330

Email: ewa.blonska[at]

Office: Wrocław, Poland [ Europe ]

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