Strategic consulting

I collaborate with the companies to create a strategy of development in a digital world. I show them how to set their goals in order to live and work and have time, satisfaction and money. I also advise how to choose the theme of the company image which drives curiosity and keeps people with the brand thanks to the quality.

 The quality and the company image – yes! Even the best book needs a good cover but even the best cover does not replace the poor content. I will help you to change your business.

​Let’s talk about your business needs and I will show you what 'strategic consulting' means from my point of view.


A strategy for your business!

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If you want to cooperate with me, you have any questions or problem to solve, write me or call me.

We can also play chess!

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Phone: +48 608 603 330

Email: ewa.blonska[at]

Office: Wrocław, Poland [ Europe ]

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