About me

My name is Ewa Blonska. I am Business Advisor and Life Mentor.

I help businesses to find their ways in a digital world. I co-create a long-term strategy of development. I provide entrepreneurs with current and empirically checked information. I follow the global social, economic and cultural trends and the buying decisions of the majority of people that result from it, no matter what longitude and latitude are.

I combine a lot of different specializations, I show how to look to see and how to take advantage of it for business development. I am Polish and I live in a country where if you want to run a company, you need outstanding creativity and loads of determination to face different limits. I successfully develop people and their businesses in Poland, I help the foreigners and the companies from Europe to grow up on a Polish market. I also support Poles in the development of their businesses outside Poland. Ask me for details – I will help you too!

Who I am, my mission and values www.ewa-blonska.pl

My professional experience www.linkedin.com/in/ewablonska

My team

As a team we have different skills and personalities but we have common values so we can support people and their businesses in the development process.

We inspire each other, we give ourselves valuable tips and we explore our specializations. That is why our perspective for the reality goes further and further.

'If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together' – the whole team of CEO for hours realizes in its work this wise African proverb and encourage its Clients to do the same way!


A strategy for your business!

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If you want to cooperate with me, you have any questions or problem to solve, write me or call me.

We can also play chess!

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Phone: +48 608 603 330

Email: ewa.blonska[at]holistic-consulting.pl

Office: Wrocław, Poland [ Europe ]

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