What problems do I solve?

My specializations

I help people and their businesses in the development process. I offer a business consulting within 4 pillars of a prosperous company:

  • FOUNDATION – mission, vision and strategy of development

  • IMAGE AND SALES – image, marketing, sales and customer service

  • QUALITY – organization management and management of change 

  • TEAM – employee engagement and employer branding

If you value your time, development, trust and quality in business relationships and:

  • you want to gain new clients, increase your revenue from the cooperation with your current customers or change your target group to break through the glass ceiling and the glass floor of recommendations,

  • you want to elevate your business profitability, change business model or experience the support in creating and implementing of the business strategy,

  • you don't have anyone to consult your business decisions with, you are bound up in the current tasks or you are in the face of a problem which gives you sleepless nights,

  • you want to find your individual trading style in order to inspire and gain the customers,

  •  you want to regain the leader’s personality to guide your team to the place that the eyes cannot see today and make the goals realization pleasurable for them,

  • you want to build engagement and release your employees’ potential or you have problems connected with the employees or with the lack of them,

  • you have an idea and you want to test your vision before the scaling

  • you are ready to experience how the personal development will change the face of your business,


then my offer is for you.

Let's play chess, being in the same team!


A strategy for your business!

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If you want to cooperate with me, you have any questions or problem to solve, write me or call me.

We can also play chess!

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Phone: +48 608 603 330

Email: ewa.blonska[at]holistic-consulting.pl

Office: Wrocław, Poland [ Europe ]

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