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I asked my clients for a few words of recommendations so that you could make a decision whether you would like to play business chess with me, being in the same team.

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Ewa Blonska is a versatile business advisor. Every action she took was highly qualitative and innovative. Ewa’s skills combined with her huge commitment, cheerful attitude and iron consequence constitute 'an explosive mixture' that can put trigger mechanism in motion even in a rusty weapon. Ewa Blonska is an inspiration, solid support in strategic thinking. She has an extremely wide knowledge in different subjects. She can search for business opportunities and transform them into complex project budgets. At the same time, she is just an interesting person. Ewa changed my imagination of business consulting service.”

Dariusz Bielski - a legal counsel

a partner in the legal chamber “CERTUS” D.Bielski sp.k.

This recommendation in Polish language you can find here.


Andrzej Krótki - a business development director

a management board member of Instytut Doskonalenia Produkcji

This recommendation in Polish language you can find here.

I had a pleasure to work with Ewa Blonska and with the benefit of hindsight I am pleased that our career paths have been crossed. What makes Ewa Blonska different while doing business? First of all, she is always perfectly prepared. She undertakes a detailed analysis of the issue she is going to be involved in. That helps her to make the best decision possible. Ewa treats challenges with her emotions off and she seeks the best solutions to the issues. She focuses on effectiveness. Ewa’s inner energy and positive attitude help entrepreneurs create a business strategy and help in the development process. In cooperating, Ewa infects people with her positive energy and she will take care of the high level of your enthusiasm. With support like this, the effectiveness is guaranteed.


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