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Business is like playing chess. Every step matters because it sets the direction for the next ones and it also determines your opponent’s actions. The rook will not replace the king. The unrealized opportunities pass by and the competitors take advantage of your every mistake. Running a business is not an easy thing to do but the winning business games make your appetite for more grow.

You are a leader. An owner, a chairman, a manager. Every day you make decisions and take responsibility for your company, for its successes and failures. I can support your actions. I will be a new perspective and thanks to it you will see all those things slipping by in a spate of everyday duties.

CEO for hours is a business consulting – holistic, strategic and tailored to your business.

Let’s play chess, being in the same team!

Ewa Blonska


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A strategy for your business!

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We can also play chess!

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Office: Wrocław, Poland [ Europe ]

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