Value offer

My clients value me for (quotes):

motivation, loads of determination, comprehensiveness and chance to consult on matters that go beyond the business consulting

a partner in a law copartnership (B2B)

support, real interest and engagement in action, directness, sense of understanding and quick answers in urgent matters

a board chairman in a copartnership in the accounting industry (B2B)

guidelines, clear direction of action, thinking about me in her free time and for information and time I don’t spend to get it

a CEO of the company from the wedding industry (B2C)

time, openness, flexibility and honest relationship which I value more than the tasks you do for me

a regional manager (Poland) of a German copartnership in the agricultural and food industry (B2B, B2c)

peace and patient explanation which release from fear and boost my confidence and bring me into action

the owners of the company from the furniture making industry  (B2B, B2c)

chance to be with you, listen to your way of thinking and seeing in your actions the results of the pieces of advice you give people

a CEO of the company form the training industry (B2B)


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We can also play chess!

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Phone: +48 608 603 330

Email: ewa.blonska[at]

Office: Wrocław, Poland [ Europe ]

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